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In the press

“… In the Allegretto of Shostakovich’s Concerto op.107, Maxime Ganz gave all the verve to this music, which he interpreted with bright virtuosity …”

DNA Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace

"In the Rococo Variations, that quintessential cello work, where the interpreter can show all these brilliant possibilities … but which also requires an expressive lyricism in the slow variation, Maxime knew how to interpret in a very convincing way. Excellent !

El Pais, Uruguay

"Maxime is always sure of himself in his phrasing, with great finesse, which we feel especially in the 3rd movement of Lalo's Concerto"

El Mundo, Uruguay

"This young instrumentalist has everything to make a great career: a beautiful sound, a solid technique as well as an innate musicality…” “Maxime Ganz, obtains from his “cello” a powerful, noble and deep sound which translates the climate of this grand finale of Lalo's Concerto". "His vision of this concerto highlighted its potential"

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